STANLEYREALTY manages our business serving the public by practicing attentive listening skills, as every person's situation and needs are unique.

Fiduciary meaning loyalty.  "IT'S ABOUT THE PEOPLE, NOT ABOUT US".

We honor and respect the "golden rule", treat others as we would expect to be treated.  By applying our training and experience to each person and/or company, those successful experiences then make us  able to continue to serve our public.


Cindy L Stanley, Owner-Broker


Successfully serving homeowners, homebuyers, and lending institutions for over 25 years.  All having very unique, and specific goals.  Financial transactions are historically the largest decisions to make.  They come with stress.

Our service/experience includes but not limited to:

California's beautiful wine country

Agricultural areas

San Francisco/ penninsula cities to the south

East Bay

Silicon Valley to Southern California